Friday, May 15, 2015

Embedded Ethnic Populations: Why They Matter Personally

1.  Definition

  • Embedded (Full Local Knowledge)

               + long-duration (vs. short-term: tourists, work-related)

  • Ethnic (Distinct/Wider Set of Rights)

               + spousal, child/descendant (vs. activity, skill-based visa)

  • Historical contingencies

               + war, colonization, state policy

2.  Examples of Embedded Ethnic Populations
  • Koreans/Taiwanese in Japan (From WWII labor)

  • Filipina wives of Japanese

  • Mexicans in USA/Turks in Germany
               From the Bracero/guest worker programs of 1960s
  • Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar
               From multiple historical contingencies

3.  Why They Matter Personally

  • How do I belong to a group?
               >Membership based on race
                              -Korean/Taiwanese legal status settled only in 1981 

               >Membership based on values 
                              -Does low prestige ascribed to entertainers limit membership?

               >Membership based on benefits
                              -Mexicans biggest group without legal status

  • Who are not in your group? (and how do I feel/act towards them?)
               >Respect for Difference
               >Inclusive Diversity
               >Call to action

Session support naterials for download:
1.  Powerpoint presentation
2.  Reading List
3.  Glossary (English and Japanese)
  • Embedded (to be inserted/buried deeply)
    埋め込む [うめこむ (umekomu)]

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