Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Emergent Property: Rationalization

Migrant illegality has a uniquely insightful property of exacting a review of the configuration of things.  This impelled rationalization triggers a specialization, an improved coherence, a clarified stake or vested interests, a redefinition of boundaries or limits.   The mere physical presence of the overstayer becomes an imperative or an opportunity as migrant illegality is challenged as to where and how exactly it becomes a liability, an asset or a given to be circumvented, overcome or simply contended with or disregarded.  

Employers adjust recruitment and operational procedures to "fit" overstayers' difficult circumstances, uncovering previously unexplored practices (enabling "specialization") that now tread delicately between complicity and business flexibility (recall case snippets in cTm as Safety Net).

Local governments facilitate and enable locally-managed social services thru partnership with local groups, clarifying the scope and depth (and thus coherence) of its services for constituents.  Compatriots look beyond (lack of) legal status and crystallize their own immediate take-away from relationships and liaisons of various complexities.  Overstayers themselves are able to thrive or regress to hitherto unknown heights of potential or depths of deterioration given the day-to-day crossroads that is migrant illegality.

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