Friday, April 20, 2012

Theoretical Handle: Morphogenesis/Morphostasis

Margaret Archer’s morphogenetic approach may be better equipped than collectivism or individualism to help us achieve coherence in the research questions.  
Archer explains morphogenesis:

The ‘morpho’ element is an acknowledgement that society has no pre-set form or preferred state: the ‘genetic’ part is a recognition that it takes its shape from, and is formed by, agents, originating from the intended and unintended consequences of their activities. (Archer 1995: p.5) 

Within the term morphogenesis is its differentiating value proposition:  understanding how persons engaged in society continuously transform it.  Structure and culture may initialize default settings for society’s human occupants but, at the multiple levels in which they unavoidably and necessarily interface, synergy is inevitably achieved.

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