Saturday, July 11, 2009

International Migration - A Visual Aid

Diagram 1 below is a visual representation of how international migration starts and is continued. First, an explanation of the shapes, colors, lines and their respective placement is necessary.

Diagram 1: The Starting and Continuation of International Migration

The three shapes,, represent three countries whose people, businesses and governments are inevitably interconnected in various ways – thus the overlap in the placement of the shapes – as a natural result of economic and cultural globalization.
The government,, of country has successful nurtured its economy and jobs are aplenty for its citizens,, as well as for foreign workers,, represented by different shapes and different outline colors. As all workers are gainfully employed, income earning potential is maximized, as represented by the full-bodied green color.
The citizens of country and country are not as lucky. Jobs are few and those who are employed earn only a fraction of the salaries of workers in country , as represented by their half-bodied green color.
Those without jobs,, are straddling the borders of country trying their best to get in, their single motivation being to get work and earn money for their dependents – thus the green color of their heads. Helping them to get into countryare private organizations, recruitment businesses and government agencies – represented by the smiling faces,, sitting on the border lines. Notice though that the borders of countryare thicker and more solid than the other two countries showing that border control is tight. The borders of countryare dotted lines and those of countryare thin lines, meaning they gladly welcome tourists and visitors for local vacations and businesses to boost local investments.
Migrants who are currently in destination countryhave existing interpersonal ties with friends, relatives and other acquaintances in their home countries, as represented by the lines connecting the citizens of the three countries.
Lastly, together with the local workers,, and the foreign workers,, there is another group of workers who, in fact, work just as hard, if not harder, but whose legal status, make them virtually non-existent, thus their dotted outlines,. They are the irregular migrant workers, and notice that even though they are employed and earning money their bodies are not in green color. This is because their legal status moves them beyond the reach of official statistics and thus even though they are productive members of society, they are essentially unrecognized as such.

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