Sunday, March 1, 2009

Migration Websites (arranged in alphabetical order)

Note to the reader[February 19, 2010]: All websites listed below are online and contain important migration-related information. Readers looking for the latest news or current developments in migration are advised to click directly on the links that I've marked as "ACTIVE" websites, as they are updated regularly.

Number of Active Websites: 48 of 81 (as of 1:05 PM 2013/2/18)
  1. Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. [active]
  2. CARIM - Consortium for Applied Research on International Migration (Southern & Eastern Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Countries) [active]
  3. Center for Immigration Studies [active]
  4. Center for Migration Studies, New York [active]
  5. Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) [active]
  6. Child Migration Research Network
  7. CLANDESTINO-Undocumented Migration: Counting the Uncountable Data and Trends Across Europe
  8. Detention in Europe
  9. Development Research Center on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty
  10. EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative [active]
  11. European Council on Refugees and Exiles [active]
  12. European Migration Network
  13. Federation of Centers for Migration Studies, G. B. Scalabrini
  14. Forced Migration Online
  15. Frontex - Official EU Border Security Body [active]
  16. Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM)
  17. Global Detention Project [active]
  18. Global Forum on Migration and Development [active]
  19. Global Migration Futures [active]
  20. Global Migration Group
  21. Global Mobility Regimes Project
  22. [active]
  23. IBRU - International Boundaries Research Unit (Durham University, UK) [active]
  24. - Mapping the Law of Illegality [active]
  25. i-Map
  26. Immigration History Research Center, Minnesota
  27. Inter-University Committee on International Migration
  28. Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre [active]
  29. International Catholic Migration Commission [active]
  30. International Centre for Migration and Health
  31. International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) [active]
  32. ICPMD - Research and Documentation [active]
  33. International Labour Organization (ILO) - International Migration Program
  34. International Metropolis Project [active]
  35. International Migration Institute [active]
  36. International Migration and Multicultural Policies [active]
  37. International Organization for Migration (IOM) [active]
    - IOM - South East Asia
    - IOM - Japan
  38. International Refugee Rights Initiative
  39. International Union for the Scientific Study of Population
  40. Mediterranean Migration Observatory [active]
  41. MigMap - A Virtual Cartography of European Migration Policies
  42. Migrant Forum in Asia [active]
  43. Migration Dialogue [active]
  44. Migration Information Source [active]
  45. Migration Policy Institute [active]
  46. Migrants Rights International
  47. mpimmg: Data Visualization - Interactive data graphics of migratory flows [active]  
  48. National Bureau of Economic Research - Labor Studies Program [active]
  49. No One Is Illegal (NOII)-UK [active]
  50. Odysseus Network [active]
  51. OECD - Migration [active]
  52. Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration [active]
  53. People Move - World Bank blog on migration, remittances and development [active]
  54. Pew Research Center - Immigration [active]
  55. Philippine Migration and Development - Statistical Almanac
  56. Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants [active]
  57. Policy Innovations [active]
  58. Population Reference Bureau [active]
  59. Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford
  60. Respect Project - basis of ethics considerations on research on irregular migrants
  61. Scalabrini International Migration Network
  62. Scalabrini Migration Center - Philippines
  63. Social Transformation and International Migration [active]
  64. Solidarity Network with Migrants Japan - Japan
  65. Southern African Migration Project
  66. Strangers Into Citizens [active]
  67. Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies [active]
  68. The Churches' Commission for Migrants in Europe [active]
  69. Undocumented Worker Transitions
  70. UNHCR - The UN Refugee Agency [active]
  71. United Nations International Migration Website [active]
  72. UNICEF Innocenti Research Center - Migration and Children
  73. UNICEF and Migration
  74. UNIFEM (UN Development Fund for Women) - Women Migrant Workers
  75. UNFPA (UN Population Fund) - Migration: A World on the Move
  76. UNODC on human trafficking and migrant smuggling
  77. Urban Institute [active]
  78. US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants [active]
  79. Web Anthology on Migrant Remittances and Development
  80. World Bank - International Migration and Development [active]
  81. World Bank - Migration and Remittances [active]

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